Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing Services (Google AdWords, and more)

65% of Users Click on Ads When Search For Products on Google

Organic SEO strategies surely is the best way to achieve traffic and conversions in the long run. However, it takes time to grow. Your business needs revenues right from the start to sustain a cash flow. Paid Marketing and Digital Advertising services is a great way to gain business right away.

Through paid search marketing services like Google Adwords, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook Ads, YouTube Advertising, etc., you can ensure that your business and proposition is visible to your target customers so that you can get potential buyers to visit your website or platform.

Instant Visibility For Faster Business Growth

PPC Consulting Services

We start with PPC audits by digital marketing experts to gather insights on how to improve your existing ad campaigns, and what new advertising strategies would work for your business.

Facebook Paid Marketing

Tailor-made Facebook Ad Services for your business, product, and services. Facebook is the biggest social media in the world. It is an ideal platform for digital advertising of brick and mortar businesses, and online businesses alike.

Google Ad Words

DigiCosta offers paid search marketing services on google where we help your business feature as advertisements on SERPs with your product, business, and service related keywords. Your target customers will see your link when they will be looking for stuff you are offering as a business.

Remarketing Services

Imagine a visitor, who wants to buy from you. They came to your site through organic search, but closed their browser as they got an urgent phone call. With Google AdWords’ Remarketing Services, you can now bring them back to your website.

Using cookies, we help you target a specific audience for your product or service. Our best PPC services expert will structure the whole remarketing campaign.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals. It is ideal for B2B marketing. As top digital marketing service experts in the industry, we will help you target people based on their industry, age, job title, gender, business name, region, LinkedIn group, or company size.

Sales Funnels

We design, develop, and market highly creative and focused Sales Funnels landing pages for entrepreneurs out there to gain leads their sales team can target for conversion.

Sales funnels is a well-designed template that helps in the creation of engaging and dynamic landing and sales pages. These pages contain interactive forms, which your visitors will fill up and enter the sales funnel. It will help your sales team get leads to convert into customers.

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