Why Should Start-Ups Harness Twitter For Social Media Marketing?

Whether you run an online or offline business, social media marketing (SMM) is critical for attracting consumers.

As a startup, you must leverage Twitter to make connections with potential customers. However, you can’t just start posting on social media without first researching your target audience and competition. 

How To Begin Planning For Marketing On Twitter?

Before starting your social media campaign, the marketing team must study what works on them for your social media marketing approach to stand out and have an impact.

Each social media channel is different, with distinctive demographics and people having different mindsets while using various social media channels. 

A person’s hobby could be completely unrelated to their work, and vice versa. They become a prospective consumer for a completely different category of business on LinkedIn and an entirely new kind of business on Instagram.

Consider the case of John. He works as an HR manager. Whenever he gets time, he play vacations as he loves traveling. He is a target audience for staffing companies on LinkedIn, but he is a potential customer for travel agencies, backpack companies, restaurants, and other businesses on Instagram.

Similarly, people on twitter come to share their views and opinions. They come to check what’s trending and what the brands they follow are doing. It’s imperative that you understand the mindset and demographics before crafting a marketing strategy.

Once you study your target market and create a buyer’s persona, it’s time to execute your twitter marketing plan.

Here is why and how you can use Twitter for digital marketing:

Engage With People

Being on Twitter is not enough. You have to engage with your customers to solve their problems or answer their curiosity. You can timely answer customer issues, engage your audience with humorous posts on topical issues, or promote your offerings (products and/or services).

For instance, here is how Zomato used the trending topic of Elon Musk buying Twitter to create a humorous post.

<Embed – https://twitter.com/zomato/status/1518650929125285889>

Your feed might include a mix of humorous, informative, and promotional content. Experiment with different kinds of posts and see how your customers respond and interact. Then make more posts that work.

Monitor Competitors

Twitter allows you to listen in on what others are saying. Using twitter search, trending page, and hashtags, you can find out what others are saying about current issues, topics, and problems. It helps you keep an eye on the customer pain points and your competitors.

Additionally, your competitors may be keeping tabs on you if you’re on Twitter. Therefore,  you should create a well-thought-out Twitter marketing strategy and refrain from tweeting anything arbitrarily. Focus on your USP so that your content is difficult to copy.

Gain Insights

You’re obviously going to create promotional posts mentioning what you sell and how it can benefit your target users. However, using twitter to read and analyze potential customers is equally important. 

Conduct a sentimental analysis of potential buyers. Also, gather social sentiments (about your line of business, products, and services). Then, identify the desires and expectations the customers have for your offering. It will give you insights on how to improve your product (considering you started with a minimum viable product, and developing it further based on feedback from the customers).

Not only will the insights help you improve the product but also know why the potential customers will like it. In other words, what features and benefits attract them the most. That will give you the hint of how to market your product effectively by addressing the pain points of the buyers.

Final Thoughts

Today, a business is as good as non-existent without a social media strategy. However, as your business is new, there are a plethora of things you need to take care of apart from marketing. Therefore, you should hire professional digital marketing services to handle all social media channels, SEO, and creative content creation.

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